Small interventions can make a big difference.

Interventional procedures should only be considered after conservative and alternative therapies, physical therapy, and other non-invasive measures have been exhausted.

That said, epidurals and other injections targeting your specific issues and areas are minimally invasive and very effective for treating pain. They work in tandem with our wellness program to restore function and improve ease of movement.

You can view our complete list of available procedures below or use our visual pain guide to help guide you towards the appropriate procedures for your pain.


  • Lower Back Pain IconLOWER BACK
  • Spine IconHEAD & NECK

  • Shoulder & Elbow IconSHOULDER & ELBOW
  • Hip & Knee IconHIP & KNEE
  • Foot IconFOOT & ANKLE

Common Interventions and Procedures

This is not an exhaustive list as research continues to grow and our care team is introduced to innovations.

Please visit our Patient Education video resource library for more information on what many of the procedures above involve.

What to expect:

There are many different kinds of injections, including epidurals, nerve blocks, facet or sacroiliac joint injections, and more. Your provider will make a recommendation for an injection based on your history, physical exam, X-rays, and MRIs.

If you are scheduled for an injection, there are some steps you will need to take in advance. Your pain management provider will review these steps together, with you, ahead of your appointment to make sure you are all set for your procedure, including making sure you have a ride home.

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