A customized plan to feel better.

Pain is different for everyone and your treatment should be just as unique. We believe in an integrative approach to pain care. This means assessing the source of your pain at your initial consultation. Then we will develop a customized treatment program that leverages both traditional and alternative therapies.

All too often we meet patients who, after multiple invasive procedures, are still experiencing a great deal of pain. When a combination of lifestyle changes, physical therapy, and non-narcotic medications could have been a successful alternative, we implore you to explore these options first.

If you’ve been searching for relief from pain, we will search with you to find out what’s causing it. Our warm and compassionate team of highly trained experts will take the time to go over your medical history and reveal pain triggers before we design your customized, integrative program to get you feeling better fast.

What to bring

  • Insurance card 
  • Photo ID
  • Relevant imaging and reports (X-rays, CT scans, MRI)
  • List of current medications (including strength and dosing instructions) and allergies

What to expect at your consultation

Have your doctor contact our office about scheduling an appointment. If your insurance requires authorization for a visit to a specialist, make sure the ordering physician gets the authorization number prior to your visit.

Contact us to make your appointment and we’ll send you a welcome packet with new patient paperwork, a map, an appointment reminder and everything else you need to register ahead of your visit. Please arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment so we can make sure you’re all set.

Your consultation begins with a nurse who will go over your information. Once that’s done, you’ll meet your care provider, and together you will review your medical history and discuss treatment options that will put you on a path to recovery.

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