Carefully Selected, Backed by Research

Our line of supplements at Feel Better RVA have been hand-selected for both specificity and efficacy–meaning, we provide supplements that work for your needs, whatever they may be. Every bottle, every ingredient has been evaluated for quality and demonstrated by peer-reviewed research to do what it says it does.

Knee pain disease concept. Hands on leg as hurt from Arthritis, gout or infections.

Pain and Inflammation Support

Mitigate the effects of pain & chronic inflammation.

Our carefully chosen anti-inflammatory supplements are documented by research to relieve pain, often just as well as NSAIDs. More than that, they contain beneficial ingredients to help reduce inflammation, clear free radicals, and help your body to heal.

*Not recommended for those who are pregnant or taking blood thinners.

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Exercise and Weight Loss Support

Get an added boost to your exercise and weight loss routine

No doubt lifestyle changes are necessary for weight loss and overall fitness. Our supplements are designed to complement those efforts by helping to reduce insulin resistance associated with weight gain and metabolic disorders, lower blood sugar, rev up the metabolism, even help to build lean muscle tissue.

*Not recommended for those who are pregnant, nursing, taking blood thinners, or suffering with polycystic kidney disease.

Bones of hands

Bone Health Support

For those with bone loss or low serum Vitamin D levels

It's no secret that aging is associated with increased bone density, which causes an increased risk for fractures. Our supplements are designed to efficiently assimilate vitamins and minerals to rebuild bone tissue and prevent bone loss.

*Not recommended for those taking Coumadin/Warfarin or pregnant/lactating women. Ask about our Vitamin D-only supplements.

A depressed senior man lying in bed cannot sleep from insomnia

Can't Sleep?

When you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep

Chronic stress and sleeplessness go hand-in-hand unfortunately. Without an opportunity for proper rest, your body will never be able to recuperate and heal. Try this non-habit forming and beneficial options to help reduce stress and improve sleep.

Group Of Mature Men And Women With Exercise Mats At End Of Outdoor Yoga Class

Immunity and Stress Support

Stay healthy by supporting your immune system.

The link between stress and the immune system is clear. So is proper nutrition vital to supporting the immune response. When 50% of the world's population is Vitamin D deficient, supplementation becomes necessary. Learn more about our immune bundle to protect yourself from the effects of stress and the environment on your health.

*Not recommended for those taking Coumadin/Warfarin or for pregnant/lactating women. Ask about our Vitamin D-only supplements.

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