Intramuscular Injection Therapy

These vitamin injection treatments provide patients with a “boost” felt within minutes and with lasting effects. Each complex offers an array of benefits to improve your energy, health, and wellbeing.

Prices are for 1ml injections. Lipotropic+ is most often administered in 2ml doses. Cost-saving bundles are available!

IM Injections Menu

Treatment BenefitsPrice
B-complexPromotes healthy weight maintenance.
 Increases energy, brain function and cell metabolism
$30 per/ml
B-12Long lasting improvements in mood and energy $20 per/ml
Feel BetterRelieves fibromyalgia pain, myofascial pain,
headache disorders, etc. Helps with weight loss
and energy.
$50 per/ml
Lipotropic +Reduces the storage of fat. Promotes a faster
metabolism. Boosts energy and maintains mood
$40 per/ml
Vitamin #9B & C vitamins supports immunity, reduces fatigue
& inflammation, and boosts energy. Promotes
weight maintenance. Improves sleep & controls
blood sugar. 
$30 per/ml
GACHelps to release growth hormone, glucagon and
insulin. Increases rate at which liver burns
fat, increases energy. 
$35 per/ml
GAC Athletic Boost  GAC + B12 injection$50
GAC Athletic Boost Plus    GAC + Feel Better$75
Immunity BoostVitamin 9 + B12$45
Stress BusterVitamin 9 + Feel Better$75
Ketorolac (Toradol)Used for the short-term treatment of
moderate to severe pain 
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