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The Feel Better Lounge

The Feel Better Lounge is opening in March 2020 on the premises of Integrative Pain Specialists! This space was designed to be a rejuvenating haven for all to enjoy what Feel Better, RVA has to offer.

Feel Better, RVA is a wellness program started in 2019 by Dr. Benjamin Seeman to complement his practice at Integrative Pain Specialists. He first conceived of this program to help those in the pain community reduce pain symptoms with holistic approaches. Now, our wellness program has expanded and includes services that all members of our RVA community can enjoy.

If you are a patient at Integrative Pain Specialists, it is likely you have learned about our line of supplements. Each product was selected to help reduce pain, rebalance your body, and alleviate your condition. You may have also learned about our IM injections that quickly boost energy, restore vitamin deficiencies, or promote weight loss. We have been working hard to add products and services to our menu that we are excited to share with the community!

As wellness warriors who “have your back” our skilled providers at The Feel Better Lounge offer a number of treatments to help lose weight, boost energy, mitigate stress, lower inflammation, reduce pain symptoms, and improve overall health so you not only feel better, but experience the long-lasting benefits of interventions that will change your life! Our job is to select the approaches that will best achieve the wellness goals we decide on together! Each patient is unique and each service tailored to suit your specific needs. You can be assured that your experience here at The Feel Better Lounge will not only produces results, but be something that you will also look forward to!

Read more below to find out more about the growing wellness services we provide. Make an appointment for your first free Welcome Wellness Visit and start to feel better!

Vitamin IV drip


  • Tailored, comprehensive weight loss programs
  • ReeVue metabolic testing
  • InBody Body Composition Measurement
  • Stretch & relaxation therapy
  • Oxygen bar
  • IM injections
  • IV Vitamin therapy
  • Nutrition and exercise coaching
  • K-laser red light treatments
  • Spot cryotherapy

supplement lineup


Concepts of health examination and consultation with a health advisor.

What to expect at The Feel Better Lounge

Before you come in for your appointment, we ask that you fill out our Wellness Assessment first. The Wellness Coordinator will go over your responses and ask exploratory questions about your lifestyle and health habits. In that way, our staff can best determine which functional wellness options should be incorporated into your wellness treatment plan. You may also be seen by one of our medical professionals depending on the treatment we select together.

We offer many of these therapies in-house and can refer you to a network of partners for additional complementary treatments such as massage therapy, acupuncture, and guided imagery.

Feel Better Blog

Insights about all things wellness and pain management

Read up on our expert insights about the role of diet, exercise, mental health, and lifestyle factors that paint the picture of holistic wellness. We offer up recipes, suggestions, and current research on topics that interest our community most! Follow the blog here!

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