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The Feel Better Lounge

The Feel Better Lounge is our brand new wellness business opened in April 2021! This space was designed to be a rejuvenating haven for all to enjoy what Feel Better, RVA has to offer.

Feel Better, RVA began as a wellness program started by Dr. Benjamin Seeman to complement his practice at Integrative Pain Specialists. He first conceived of this program to help those in the pain community reduce pain symptoms with holistic approaches. Now, as a separate business, the wellness program has expanded and includes services that all members of the RVA community can enjoy.

We are introducing a line of potent, nutraceutical supplements. Each product is designed to either help reduce pain, rebalance the body, improve digestion, promote healthy weight, or address a specific condition.

We are also excited to share our IM injections and IV therapy that quickly boosts energy and replenish vitamin stores. Many of our options include benefits that will help our clients feel better, maintain lean body tissue, or promote weight loss. Check in regularly to learn more as we continually add products and services to our menu!

Our job as wellness warriors is to select the approaches that will best achieve the wellness goals we decide on together! Each client is unique and each service tailored to suit your specific needs. You can be assured that your experience here at The Feel Better Lounge will not only produce results, but will be something that you will look forward to and enjoy!

Click the “Services” button below to be directed to our scheduling platform, Vagaro and read more below to find out more about the growing wellness services we provide. For ease of scheduling, consenting, and purchasing upon arrival you can download the Vagaro app to your Apple or Android phone or go directly to Vagaro’s website to create an account or update your profile using the email address you gave us!

Having the app and an updated profile will help streamline services at The Feel Better Lounge.

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Meet Our Wellness Team

Our team of wellness professionals boast a varied background in exercise, nutrition, and business, each sharing a passion and desire to help others become healthier and feel better! Learn more about their backgrounds here.

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What to expect at The Feel Better Lounge

Before you come in for an appointment, we will have you complete a brief Wellness Assessment. A Wellness Mentor will go over your responses and best determine which functional wellness options should be incorporated into your wellness treatment plan. You may also be seen by one of our medical professionals depending on the treatment we select together.

We offer many of these therapies in-house and can refer you to a network of partners for additional complementary treatments such as massage therapy, acupuncture, and guided imagery.

Feel Better Blog

Insights about all things wellness and pain management

Read up on our expert insights about the role of diet, exercise, mental health, and lifestyle factors that paint the picture of holistic wellness. We offer up recipes, suggestions, and current research on topics that interest our community most! Follow the blog here!

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